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Leading change : How to LOVE CHANGE

Love change when leading change is not easy. Leading change is complex and challenging, so we’re going to show you how to Love Change and transform your results!  Everyone who ever writes about change (especially me) normally thinks about change in terms of Kubler-Ross curves, whether in the back of their mind or front and […]

The importance of partnership?

What is Partnership? The term “partnership” is commonly used.  In The Change Maker Group’s series of articles looking at some of the implications and practical responses to the substantial political, economic and potentially social change in the UK, I thought I would consider how people and their organisations work together. It is common for people and organisations to […]

Change Makers don’t say….

At The Change Maker Group we call all of our team Change Makers. So, whatever their specialism everyone is referred to as a Change Maker – whether people are experts on innovation, leadership, team development, delivering change, coaching, programme management or whatever, they are all Change Makers. Fundamentally we all focus on delivering personal, team […]

Successful projects and the Four R’s

Successful projects and the Four R’s Achieving successful projects is all about getting the basics right – the Four R’s. Just as Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic were the 3 R’s of basic schooling, according to politicians and writers in the 18th and 19th centuries. Schooling was (apparently, I wasn’t there) all about getting children to have […]