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Leadership tips for taking over a new team

Stepping into another leaders shoes is never that easy, the team you inherit is not your own and the relationships that have been established, for good or for bad, do not include you. As a new leader you have a short window of opportunity to create a ‘fresh start feeling’ in the team and to […]

5 Critical Leadership Conversations

There is a critical but largely ignored aspect of leadership success, the conversations that leaders have that are designed to engage, enthuse, direct and motivate their work colleagues to deliver sustainable improved results. The quality of conversation in an organisation is an accurate barometer to the quality of the thinking taking place and therefore largely determines […]

Bringing Vision and Strategy to Life

Far too many vision statements and accompanying strategy presentations put people to sleep. Leaders find them difficult to present and participants find them even more difficult to listen to. They are full of corporate and management speak that fails to engage the heart as well as the head of the people they are developed by and for. Enough of […]