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Is it really time for culture change?

The established ‘way of doing things’ is just not delivering the high performance, competitive edge, or that market-leading position that you need…. “We need culture change around here or we’re history”. But, just before anything gets changed, before the HR and Communications teams are wound up, before Advisors are appointed etc., ask yourself these two […]

Ambidextrous communication; write it right… and left!

Ambidextrous Communication With BREXIT, a new UK Prime Minister and leadership challenges in the Labour party, leaders everywhere are aiming to influence the widest possible audience to embed their brand of change. People say that they hate change. It can be quite brutal, be sudden and have personal impact. This kind of change is often […]

4 steps to a high performance culture

  What’s going on in companies that are creating and sustaining great cultures? We love Leo Tolstoy’s quote in Anna Karenina; “All happy families are alike, while each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”. You can read into this that high performing organisations share some similar characteristics, even if they have not gone […]

Creating and sustaining culture, a story at a time

After the Chief, in Native American culture the next most important person was the Storyteller. Trusted with the history, myths and spiritual lifeblood of the tribe, they used stories to illustrate what had made them great. Lessons in leadership, honour, love and tragedy were all conveyed through these, creating and sustaining culture over centuries. If […]