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The Power of Acceptance

Acceptance and Change According to change management theory, acceptance is the point at which things start to look up! Following, the anxiety, disbelief, anger, grief and hostility of the initial impact of change there is a time to just accept what is and get on with life. At least, that is the recommended path. What […]

I Quit!

I Quit! When the going gets tough, the tough………. appear to resign! When did “I Quit” become an acceptable leadership principle? What is happening to our leaders in the UK? If the current rate of resignations in politics, football and prime time car shows continues then there will be few left to lead anything in […]

Debunking the myth of project failure

Astute business leaders like to review project development and the causes of project failure. They want to understand what is going wrong and how to fix it. Academic research shows that 68% of all projects fail.  McKinsey state that 17% of these projects fail so badly that the future of the company’s existence is threatened. What is not understood is that the data […]