Do You Have Joy At Work?

Are You Having Joy At Work?

Joy? Have you given any thought to having joy at work?! (Or joy in life in general?)

Are you like many I ask, whose response often is that they feel they don’t deserve joy, my reply is, “Oh yes you DO!’ And furthermore, it is a motivating, exciting and energising factor, well worthwhile.


But does any busy executive really have a shot at finding joy on the job?

You usually think of high-level professionals as attaining a certain level of achievement-related satisfaction and getting external rewards such as raises and promotions. Rarely, if ever, is their happiness given serious consideration. Joy certainly isn’t in the core curriculum for most MBA programs.

Achieving Joy At Work Is A Necessity

Achieving joy at work is not only possible; it’s a necessity. I’ve come to appreciate that happiness on the job is a leading indicator of an individual’s ability to sustain high levels of passion, performance, and productivity over the long run. If you can uncover your true gifts and find work that makes regular use of them, you’ve fulfilled your responsibility to use them wisely and you’ve optimized your chances to claim your right to enjoy the process.

How You Approach Your Work Is Up To You

You can’t always control what assignments you accept at work. But regardless of your position, the choice you make about how you approach your work is up to you. Consider examining your business priorities — the goals you’ve promised to meet — then conducting a Time and Emotion Study to see how you’ve spent your time over the past few months. How well has your use of time fitted with your objectives? Follow that up by making a task map and examining how well your responsibilities are aligned with your talents. If the fit isn’t as close as you would like, try talking to your colleagues to see what you can do as a team to reassign some responsibilities.

Move Towards Joy With The Mind Chi Basic 8 Minute Routine

The simple Mind Chi Basic 8 minute routine will help you to move towards joy on a daily basis.

Each step is designed to increase your awareness of how you are currently experiencing the world and to DO something about it immediately – if necessary. Step 3, “Being real”, looks at the incidences over the past 24 hours that you wish you had handled differently, ONLY so you can pull the lessons of what you wish you had done, ready for next time. Step 4 has you remember all your successes, large and small, maybe only you know that it took a lot of effort to complete over the past 24 hours, and you give yourself a ‘success’ token. This helps to build your self-confidence, crucial to a good joy reading! Step 7 asks you to plan 24 hours ahead, how do you need to BE to do your activities in the best way. Prepare to incorporate as much joy as possible. The goal is to keep moving the dial on your meter closer to joy. It’s your right.

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