Trojan Horse

Leadership – a Trojan horse in transforming a business?

We all know the story about the Trojan horse? Basically the Greeks had been laying siege to Troy for 10 years. The Greeks needed to bring the siege to an end, built a large wooden horse and hid troops inside it, and left it outside Troy when they pretended to sail away. The Trojans then pulled the horse inside Troy as a trophy. Overnight the Greek troops climbed out of the Trojan Horse and opened the gates, allowing the rest of the Greek forces (who had returned under cover of darkness) to enter Troy and end the stalemate.

Local and central government from Hampshire County Council to the Highland Council, and most private and third-sector organisations in between and globally are going through significant transformations Read more

What the Change Makers say

Change Makers don’t say….

At The Change Maker Group we call all of our team Change Makers. So, whatever their specialism everyone is referred to as a Change Maker – whether people are experts on innovation, leadership, team development, delivering change, coaching, programme management or whatever, they are all Change Makers. Fundamentally we all focus on delivering personal, team or organisational change, helping people and teams be the best they can be.

Being a Change Maker in our business and home lives requires a focused set of behaviours. You wouldn’t expect a Change Maker to say “You’re on your own mate” – Read more

Diversity Eggs

Could Diversity Be Done Differently?

This month I attended the ODN Europe conference whose theme was OD in Action: Influence & Impact.   One of the most fascinating Open Space sessions was about Diversity and Inclusion and whether and how D&I could be approached from an OD/Change perspective.


I DO believe that Diversity is about changing the way we lead and do business; it’s about culture change. Diversity is not a philosophy or theology. It’s not a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) issue. It’s not a human resource initiative.   It’s a business issue. Read more

The 4 R's

Successful projects and the Four R’s

Successful projects and the Four R’s

Achieving successful projects is all about getting the basics right – the Four R’s. Just as Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic were the 3 R’s of basic schooling, according to politicians and writers in the 18th and 19th centuries. Schooling was (apparently, I wasn’t there) all about getting children to have the basic skills to take the increasingly skilled manufacturing jobs that were arriving through the industrial revolution.

Over the last 20 or 30 years there has been an evolution (rather than revolution) in how we project people look at the way we deliver projects Read more

Why change fails - the people perspective.

Why change fails – the people perspective

Many surveys show that the ability to execute transformational change is not improving.  In these surveys, the issues noted 20 years ago for the lack of change success, are still quoted. The survey results are so consistent, some consulting firms use them as a marketing tool. They encourage you to complete their free survey of your transformational change projects. Safe in the knowledge it will deliver lots of room for improvement!

If professional people can understand why change fails, then life must get easier…discuss!

Our business lives have become more pressured over recent years. Computing and telecommunications improvements have a lot to answer for.  The smart phone has led to instantaneous communications wherever you are in the world.  Before that, email led to more interpersonal (and impersonal) communications than ever. We ask more questions than would have either mattered or been answered before. Thanks to increased computing power and complex software.

A little test; Rank the following 5 statements in the order that they apply to you;

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