Mind Chi and Worry

“Will it help?” – Manage change, worry and guilt

Will it help? 

This is such a simple question and so very helpful when it comes to worry.

If you saw the film The Bridge of Spies, you will have seen it was the Russian Spy’s response to the American lawyer’s question ‘Aren’t you worried?’

When you (or a friend) are dealing with change, it means, in some form, changing a habit. Changing a habit can cause you to feel the strain from stress, however this only deepens the pain as you feel the world going in a different direction. Ask yourself ‘Will it help?’ and the answer is no! For a while why not just ‘float’ a little. Fill your lungs with air and let the water gently carry you until you feel ready to paddle in your direction.

Next time you hear a friend (or yourself) worrying over something, going over and over the same territory in chicken circles just stop for a moment and with concern ask, ‘Will it help?’ Read more