Adrian Pike - ANESCO

Creating a Great Work Environment – Q &A with Adrian Pike, CEO of ANESCO

ANESCO has seen great success and recognition through their approach to business, including topping the Fast Track 100 in 2014. I recently had the great opportunity to interview Adrian Pike the CEO of ANESCO. ANESCO is a company that has turned business on its head by not focusing on the income of the business, but rather the building of the people within the company.  Here is what Adrian Pike had to say.

Q. What inspired you to set up ANESCO with such a focus on the employee environment?

With my 27 years of experience I wanted to do something completely different that was more values driven. We believe great companies are people-led companies, so we’ve created an environment where people can develop, grow, learn, enjoy, meet and beat their personal aspirations. Since day one we‘ve been inspiring our people, with support and resources to be successful in their careers and with a healthy work/life balance. We achieved Investors in People Gold standard at first assessment and within our first year, which was unheard of. Read more

Who's Sinking Your Boat

Employee Engagement – Who’s Sinking Your Boat?

Employee Engagement Is An Expensive Problem

We need to talk about motivation in the workplace. Employee engagement is an expensive problem and the leak is turning into a full-scale deluge.  In 2006, more than half of the United Kingdom workforce was disengaged, or actively disengaged, resulting in a loss of £340 billion a year (Hay Group, 2006[1]).  The most recent figures from Gallup indicate that this worldwide problem is getting worse, with Western Europe recording figures of only 14% of workers being engaged at work[2]. This staggering lack of motivation developing within the workforce has cut productivity nearly in half, so the question is: How do you engage and motivate your employees again?

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Organisational Factors Based On The Engage For Success 4 Enablers Of Engagement

Employee Engagement Is Your Job

Employee Engagement Is Your Job

In the recent flurry of interest about employee engagement, there’s been a sharp focus on the role of organisations in bringing about employee engagement, based on a large body of research showing the business benefits of an engaged workforce.  It makes for compelling reading.

Workplace Drivers Of Employee Engagement

Researchers and practitioners have proposed an array of workplace drivers of employee  engagement, including the Engage for Success movement which cites the crucial role of managers in providing a strong narrative, developing and empowering staff and role-modeling the values of the organisation; and the role of the organisation in providing opportunities for employee voice.  All very sound advice.  Other studies go further to list organisational practices and policies including opportunities for flexible work, diversity strategies, communication methods, pay and benefits, the physical working environment and even brand reputation.

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