Challenges and solutions.

Wise words – the change challenges in the post-Brexit VUCA world?

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges come at us from every direction, all the time.  Faced with a challenge this week at school, my daughter said the above to my wife who duly noted it down. We thought it was a really mature and smart way of looking at things. I found the piece of paper last night.

Not wishing to sound political, I woke this morning to the shock of a Leave vote. Selfish concerns aside, driving into the office I reflected on the implications for the projects world (in the broadest sense) of this momentous change. Here are some immediate thoughts on the challenges ahead, for what they are worth.  Building on my daughters wise words – there are always solutions. Would love to hear what you think the implications will be whether you are in the project / programme / portfolio / transformation / change world or not. Here goes: Read more

The 4 R's

Successful projects and the Four R’s

Successful projects and the Four R’s

Achieving successful projects is all about getting the basics right – the Four R’s. Just as Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic were the 3 R’s of basic schooling, according to politicians and writers in the 18th and 19th centuries. Schooling was (apparently, I wasn’t there) all about getting children to have the basic skills to take the increasingly skilled manufacturing jobs that were arriving through the industrial revolution.

Over the last 20 or 30 years there has been an evolution (rather than revolution) in how we project people look at the way we deliver projects Read more