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in a world of change

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Make sustainable change happen

If you’re like most leaders, making changes that last is an uphill struggle. Without the blueprint for high performing team and leadership support to make change happen, your organisation fails to unlock its potential.

Your organisation is destined for more. We offer proven frameworks to help you develop Change Maker capability from within your existing leadership and teams.

When you have the key to changing mindsets, you transform the future of your business for the long-term.

It’s time for change.


Organisations thrive when they liberate change

We believe that every person in every organisation has the potential to be a Change Maker. We help you unlock this potential so your business can stop surviving and start thriving.

Thriving organisations

  • Build organisational resilience
  • Identify and seize opportunities
  • Accelerate profit
  • Generate predictable and scaleable growth
  • Foster a non-political environment
  • Develop clarity of vision
  • Develop a culture of agile leadership

Thriving people and teams

  • Enjoy fulfilment at work
  • Boost motivation
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Remove internal blocks
  • Increase productivity
  • Fuel positive mindsets
  • Reduce stress and burnout

Introducing The Change Maker Group

We’re a team with years of experience in enabling change. We know what’s involved in making things happen.

We believe you don’t need another consultant telling you that your business needs mending. It doesn’t. And you’re not looking for a quick fix. Short-term gains are… short-term.

Your vision is bigger than that.

By investing in your people you can enable a culture of change that lasts; a positive legacy for the future.

We’re here to develop your Change Makers to lead, manage and deliver change – so your organisation can stop struggling and start thriving.


Thrive in the world of change

Tell us what you want to achieve

We’ll help your organisation fulfil its potential

Together we’ll change your world


Our unique approach


Delivering sustainable change takes commitment and learning. We take a people-focused approach to help you to develop your organisation


Whatever change you are looking to make, you need people at all levels to lead change, support change and to make change happen. We coach Change Makers at all levels to make their best and most impactful effective contribution to your change and to develop their potential

Change Leader Programme

Leading change isn’t easy. Our Change Leader Programme enables Senior Leadership Teams and Boards to identify how best to harness your strengths to facilitate change in your organisation

Resilience for Change Programme

Change can be associated with stress, well-being and performance problems which can derail the best of plans. We maximise the resilience productivity and potential of everyone in your organisation – to the highest sustainable level

Change Maker Programme

A ground-breaking approach to supercharging the ability of organisations to make lasting change happen. This is completely modular and based on our unique and proven DELTA framework

The GC Impact Profile

The GC Impact Profile is the game-changing tool which shows the tangible business outcomes of an individual or team’s proclivity to contribute and make an impact on change

Our Change Maker Group promise…

  • We’ll work with you as partners, invested in your success
  • We’ll empower you and your teams with the skills and know-how to make change happen without the need for long-term support
  • We believe we have a responsibility to leave a legacy of Change Makers, people who shape society and do great things for their communities
  • Our final promise as a Profit for Purpose organisation is that we’ll invest our profits in The Change Makers Community which inspires, develops and engages Change Makers wherever they are in the world

What our clients are saying

“Over the last 3 years, The Change Maker Group have helped develop leadership courses, organisational development as well as innovative and effective solutions for primary care resilience in Wiltshire.

Their sessions are fun, engaging but challenging – focussing on the issue but also bringing an impressive breadth of background knowledge to enhance the outcome.”

Andy Hall
GP for lead resistance

“The Change Maker Group’s process gave us insight into the overall balance of skills within the team and where our strengths and weaknesses are. Also, where we need to supplement the skills from outside of the Senior Leadership Team and from within the organisation and beyond if necessary.

As a result of the insight I will be more conscious of my own balance of skills and also that of the team when considering future plans and how they are implemented.

The Change Maker Group would help other Local Authority Teams to learn about themselves and provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their collective skills”

Theresa Grant
Chief Executive for Northamptonshire County Council​

Start thriving