There is nothing constant, except change”

This is a quote, often bandied about and in the same breath as words like “agile” or “lean”. It’s a quote which sounds confident in the future, confident in modern management systems, confident in the inevitably of change. It’s a quote which is relevant to our world today.

So it may surprise you to learn that the originator of the quote was a Greek philosopher named Heraclitus, who lived over 2,500 years ago.

Heraclitus believed that change was the defining characteristic of the world, and that the world operated according to the rule of reason. While our busy, crazy VUCA world may not feel as if it operates to any rules, and certainly it may not seem to be ruled by reason, it is safe to say that Heraclitus had it right, that change does define our world still, two millennia later.

Today, change is so ever-present, that it is indeed a constant. It is THE thing you can rely on – that there’s going to be change. So, given that it IS so constant, and is understood as an inevitability, why is it often seen as such a negative? Heraclitus was thought of as a bit of a miserable fellow even by his peers, but surely 2000 years’ distance can enable us to get some perspective and, perhaps, some positivity?

Change has the potential to be incredibly positive. There are always advantages to be gained from looking at things differently. Whether the imperative for change is financial, social or even environmental, there are a host of opportunities to do things differently, to improve things measurably, so that there are definite benefits for those involved. Even in the face of extreme challenge, as we are currently witnessing with climate change, innovation and changed behaviours are starting to make a positive difference to many people’s lives.

At The Change Maker Group, we’re really positive about change. We work with it every day, and have loads of ways in which we support our clients to be positive about change too. The thing we LOVE, however, is seeing our clients understand the opportunities they can seize as a result of the change they deliver, watching them learn to enjoy the improvements their change yields. New opportunities to think about old problems in new ways, using new approaches to devise innovative solutions. This is what really makes us tick.

If you are finding change makes you as miserable as Heraclitus, you need our help! When we work with our clients, we focus on the positives from the start. You could find the strengths of all your team, when it comes to innovation and change, so that you can deploy your team to maximise your advantages. You, and your team, would benefit from our Smart Mirror coaching, to access professional coaching delivered virtually to you in your office. This coaching will build your resilience and help you to identify the positives in your change programme, your team … and yourself.

Everyone who’s supported by us will have a journal in which to keep the ongoing workplace learning, the hints about delivering effective change, and the brilliant ideas which will come out of the change team. You could measure your whole team’s (or even organisation’s) preparedness for successful change, using our tool for calibrating change-readiness. You can even access a fantastic range of online learning tools, accessible in micro-learning chunks which are accessible to your team – and you – right on your desktop. We keep you company along your change journey; the change remains yours.

You’ll own your change programme, you’ll own the process … and you will own the benefits. We’ll help you all become Change Makers, embedding the innovative practices to futureproof your workplace. And the best bit? You’ll learn to enjoy change as much as us!

Some of these benefits might well have struck a chord with you. If they did, and you would like to explore how The Change Maker Group can help you deliver enjoyable change that lasts, please find out more and get in touch at

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