On this page you can request our recent e-books from our series Change Wisdom – Insights from successful change makers to guide your future.

  • Strategic Leadership e-book – 2022
  • Resilience for Change & Change for Resilience e-book – 2022
  • The Challenge of Hybrid Working e-book – 2022

And don’t forget our best selling book: ‘CHANGE WISDOM’ Insights from successful Change Makers to guide your future – 2018, available from Amazon on Kindle or paperback.

Our Change Wisdom series includes:

The Change Wisdom in these e-books is the result of conversations our Change Makers have had with clients and the challenges that they have faced.  And that is the challenge that The Change Maker Group helps to solve – how do you engage people in an intelligent way to deliver sustainable transformation?

Each of these e-books tackle the big challenges we have had to face and are still facing.  Key elements in any change, is to start a discussion about how do you harness the change making skills you have in your organisation.

The three books…

Strategic Leadership: The context for leading change has changed rapidly in the last couple of years. But the job of leading change that has a strategic and resilient focus has not.

The Challenge of Hybrid Work: Many organisations are still only just scratching the surface of the sea-change that hybrid working could bring and leaders are struggling to adapt to make it work.

Resilience for Change and Change for Resilience: We tackle the importance of resilience from the perspective of a trilogy of organisational resilience, team resilience and personal resilience and how they can work in harmony.

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