C stands for…

Challenges, Change, Covid and Christmas –
here are 6 ways to thrive in uncertainty


Thriving in uncertainty is key to change resilience regardless of Christmas or circumstances, however having a particular occasion, tends to throw all things into a heightened awareness state.

With Christmas just a few weeks away, there is uncertainty about what we will be able to do, where we can go and who we can and can’t meet in person.

Anxiousness in our personal lives (in this case about Christmas) spills over onto our work lives impacting our overall resilience………………………………………. so how about using THIS year to (one more ‘C’) Convert your seasonal celebrations into a much wider perspective about change resilience and sustainability?

  1. Re-consider gift buying

    Many do not have disposable income this year, so what can you DO or BE for those you love, rather than just BUY? This activity alone will save our planet in terms of fuel, wrapping and unwanted gifts.

  2. Re-consider overeating and over drinking

    Do you really need all that extra chocolate, snacks, oversized meals, and alcohol? NO!!
    Remember that you spend much of the rest of the year trying to get rid of that extra weight and feel lethargic once you return to the office. Instead of adding food why not add an extra walk or favourite exercise?

  3. Re-consider getting together

    Although I will agree there is no substitute for a loving hug, more important is not catching or giving Covid. So be creative and use one of the oh so many electronic methods of getting together, write an old-fashioned letter, send an electronic card and message – let them know they are in your thoughts.

  4. Re-consider your use of time

    Lockdown and different ways of working this year have created opportunities to make better use of our time. What if you used the festive season to reconsider how you can continue to make best use of your time building on what you learnt during lockdown? Perhaps take up a new hobby, make time to read, or might you volunteer? So many people need assistance, now is a great time.

  5. Re-consider all the ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’

    Oh what a great year to break all those traditions and commitments that you have never enjoyed and start fresh! When you think of the activity or person, do you feel and increase or decrease in your energy? Be aware of that and seek ways to gently close that door for the energy suckers and move on. Feel your level of stress, strain and anxiety reduce and remove those ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ Feel the reins of control of you returning to your hands, you are no longer a festive puppet. Rejoice in that it is likely that the recipients of your reduced seasonal activities are probably overjoyed as well!

  6. Re- consider the need for perfection

    Take a large, live affirming breath and as you breathe out, let go of your expectations of you!
    Far better to cultivate an attitude of curiosity and experiment by trying out new and different things. If you are a perfectionist, then pick just one thing to really concentrate upon, and enjoy to the max.


So, what about your work YOU?

If you run a business or a team it is highly probable that your people are experiencing similar feelings to you so you may wish to initiate conversations based on the above.

Aside from the Christmas challenges you are no doubt wondering about how to sustain change and resilience in your organisation at a time of unprecedented challenge. Change is somewhat easier when you choose to make it, however forced change due to Covid brings extra anxiety and uncertainty and is even more poignant at this time of the year.

And, what can you do for your people?

How about redoubling your effort on looking after their well-being in 2021 by introducing some new and different ways of boosting their energy, motivation, and happiness. Where work and personal life has become blurred it is more vital than ever that you find ways of nurturing your people in different ways. We don’t need to tell you why change resilience is important in business. A happy workforce who feels cared for will have a much higher productivity so it’s a win-win for all.

We would love to help you…………………………….  We have lots of free information and a really enjoyable easy, online programme to increase your team’s resilience  (good for you too!)
How about considering it as a gift to your people? Just fill in the ‘contact us’ form.

Now, relax and have some fun. Might it be game playing? Or is it chatting with friends? Is it going for a long walk? Maybe it is just catching up on all that rest and rejuvenation you may really need?

Make this your BEST festive season ever – YOU do have the power to be change resilient!

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