We have been supporting leaders to find a positive way of building Hybrid Work into their organisations.  Here Nicky Carew puts a spotlight into helping leaders develop their own resilience and create a new working environment.

Hybrid Work – Your Inner Support

Now is the time to embrace a revolution – they come about every now and again.  Many we take to readily (smart phones, streaming music, attitudes to mental health.)  Some challenge our status quo in a way that makes us resist.

The pandemic made us look at ways to rethink the office shared space.  So much has been learnt to make that effective while we were bound to our homes.  For some, there is a yearning to get back into the office.  For others a desire to continue hybrid working.  The motive is often to simplify complicated family lives (that can apply to either camp).  For others minimising climate change by less travel may be their driver.  Some stats, from McKinsey, say the Hybrid Work enthusiasts make up  about 60% especially in the Gen Zs and soon to be working Gen Alpha – they seem to have much more capacity to embrace the best of change.

Change needs head and heart working together

But I am not so young.  You would think that the more change I have seen the more I would embrace it.  It doesn’t seem to go that way.  Sometimes, change means helping my head and heart get into alignment take the best path to positive change.

Many of our clients who are leading this revolution have the same struggle.  It takes reflection to know when we are making a decision (to bring everyone back to the office for example) for best practice reasons or because we want to return to the comfortable status quo.  Is the disruption of Hybrid Work worth it?  Well – sometimes the answer is YES if we want to be ahead of the game.  Others will, and that might be your competition.

Elsewhere we have given practical tips on how to create hybrid working to best serve your organisation. https://thechangemakergroup.com/insights/

The 8 minutes that builds your ability to create effective change

We practice and teach a positive strategy called MIND CHI.  Developed by Richard Israel and our own Change Maker Vanda North.  It is based on the neuroscience of what we now know about how our minds work.  For mind read brain but I prefer the word mind as it better expresses how complex and related are our beliefs, thoughts and actions.

In just 8 minutes a day you help your head and heart come together in alignment to apply to any challenge.  It could be ‘to create an environment of Hybrid Work that will serve both my teams and the organisation’.  You will replace the old negative voice that is the enemy of free thinking and will help you act in yours, your teams, and your organisation’s best interest.

The push & pull of hybrid work

The push & pull of hybrid work

The 8 Mind Chi steps

Mind Chi helps with the complexity of creating a Hybrid Work environment.  Mind Chi takes a little practice to develop, we say 28 days to become a positive habit.  Our accredited practitioners will help you get started so that you get the best results.  This is a quick guide to how it works in 8, one-minute steps:

  • First minute – Deep breathing exercises put your mind and body into a calm and clear thinking space.
  • Second minute – Focus on the positive outcome you choose.  Just the statement, and repeat it for the minute without (hopefully) distraction.
  • Minutes 3 and 4 – Bring into consciousness the past 24 hours and your actions and thoughts that negatively affected your goal.  For example, being irritated by a team member’s bad wi-fi connection or not exhibiting behaviours that you are seeking from your team. That is the first minute.  The second minute in this section is to focus on all the positive actions and thoughts you took to achieve this goal.  These are important steps to give you control of how you consciously take this chosen outcome forward.
  • Minutes 5 & 6 – Your mind and body control more of your actions than you will be aware of – especially in change. This is often unconscious.  Checking in with your BEAT i.e.  how your mind and body is thinking, feeling and behaving and how you want it to be, helps reset those unconscious and unhelpful reactions.
  • Minutes 7 & 8 – Help you develop a realistic positive attitude and look to what you can achieve in the near future. This is especially important in change when challenges can knock you off your path
Creating Hybrid Work will help you march to a different BEAT of a drum!

Creating Hybrid Work will help you march to a different BEAT of a drum!

Creating Hybrid Work will help you march to a different BEAT of a drum!

Hybrid Work is here to stay

Mind Chi is a simple and practical way of giving you the energy and clear thinking to help you deal with the challenge of creating a new way of working in your team.  Hybrid Work is here to stay in some form or other.  It is not easy to make complex changes but don’t make your own resistance be one of the blockers.  Support yourself in making this sea change by training yourself in Mind Chi.  Many of our coaches are Mind Chi accredited so will help you be the transformative catalyst.

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