Earlier this year my colleague and co-member of The Change Maker Group Stephen Newman wrote these words “Underperformance on a change programme can have dire results”.  Which of course it will do – you have invested in a promise of change and it hasn’t delivered what you wanted.

If only it was possible to measure your progress in real time – not waiting for the lag indicators to show where you are off course.  That was the key message in his feature.  At The Change Maker Group we do.  We can help you know how close you are to keeping to your outcomes in real time.  Change is never a straight line – but you want the information to know what you are achieving, what might be taking you off course and how agile you need to be to get on track.

The Importance of Leading Indicators:

Identifying leading indicators allows organisations to assess early on whether a change programme is on track for success. Leading indicators mean you can stay ahead of the curve.  At The Change Maker Group we measure aspects like people’s attitudes and behaviours toward change, their energy, competence, and willingness to embrace something new and their progress towards achieving their contribution to the new vision.  Moreover, you name the KPI and we will build it into your measurement.

The Change Maker 5×5:

The Change Maker 5×5 is designed to assess leading indicators in change programmes. It is based on five change-making proclivities (Game Changer, Strategist, Implementer, Polisher, and Play Maker) and uses five focuses of attention called DELTA (Diagnose, Engage, Lead, Transform, Accelerate) to identify early where aspects of the change programme are succeeding or stalling.

The Change Maker 5×5 system provides early warnings of potential issues in a change programme. This allows for “course correction” to be introduced earlier in the process, thus preventing the need to push a change uphill until it fails.  We will show you how to measure as often as you want and the resulting information is as clear as reading these dials!

Now you can know where your energies need to focus.

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