Vanda North muses on the potential positive business changes arising from the pandemic.




















“See! I told you – back to ‘normal’ now!” The dinosaur manager is shouting happily!! “Urrgghh!! I could never get the ‘mute’ to work!! Much better to have you all lined up, where I can see you every day! Far more efficient! AND I know that you are actually working – I can ‘manage’ you!”

Errr… really?? Oh dear! In my opinion things will NEVER return to the ‘normal’ we knew, and I think it is a GOOD job!

Here are some of the positive changes I think that companies will have the opportunity to benefit from post-Covid:

1. Save on employee costs because:

a) they will have reduced / no commuting time

b) they will have less sickness, absenteeism and turnover – 300,000 people in the UK have stopped smoking!

c) family and personal issues can be dealt with easily, creating more motivated employees

d) they can measure work to do – time to do it – work done

e) they can save by reducing the number of middle managers

2. Contribute to the wellbeing of society by:

a) reducing the commuting footprint

b) families having more time together

c) maximising the global caring environment

d) supporting learning and re-skilling

e) enjoying the improved environment

3. Becoming agile and ready for the 22nd Century:

a) investing now in re-skilling at least 14% of their work force (McKinsey Global Institute)

b) making the necessary changes now, before the old way resumes

c) making maximum use of technology and visual connections – e.g. doctors now do 100% phone contact and only 7% require face to face interventions

d) having company ‘carers’ who support digital, cognitive, social and emotional wellbeing

A new world awaits – the Game Changers have a chance to share great ideas, question old beliefs and shake us up! The Strategists; Implementers; Polishers and Playmakers need to contribute and shape. Start small – try it out – test the results – tweak as necessary and re-iterate – now where have we heard that before?

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