Hybrid and Flexible work? Wellbeing & Resilience? Diversity? Inclusion?

Yes! They do all tie together!

This week, in our Hybrid Work series, our Resilient Change Maker, Vanda North explores the relationships of hybrid work, flexible work, wellbeing, resilience, diversity, and inclusion.


  1. The amazing workforce of women who could offer valuable skills to companies, IF they were afforded hybrid and flexible work options
  2. The richness of diversity for specific projects, IF people from different backgrounds could be pulled in for particular topics
  3. Wellbeing programmes in companies may be curtailed as employees would have a far better work-life balance, saving companies money
  4. Brains are NOT the same! Some are really ready to go at 3 am and some don’t start until noon. IF employees were graded on results, when they did the work would not matter – flexible work allows for this
  5. What is your actual work? Does it require particular hours or placement? If the response is ‘No!’, then is hybrid work an effective option for all?

One size does not fit all

Are there examples of successful multiple work options which include Hybrid work? Flexible work? Wellbeing & Resilience? Diversity? Inclusion? Look at these:

  1. Office sharing companies, such as ‘WeWork’ are providing space for companies who need occasional areas for meetings. Some companies are looking at options rather than a complete return to office policy
  2. HR departments looking to tap into the enormous potential female workforce would find a lucrative source just waiting to grab flexible work hours
  3. 3M have launched its ‘Work your Way’ model in Singapore. It includes flexible, on-site, hybrid and remote work options. Therefore this provides employees with the opportunity to work when and where they work best.
  4. For federal employees, people in national security, those holding security clearances there is even an option. As the future is still uncertain, they have discovered that even national security workers have some work that is unclassified. Some companies and putting steps in place for home computers to be company safe.

The pandemic bigger than COVID

What could be worse than COVID? With all we have been through, the global workforce – and people in general – are now suffering forms of mental unwellness as never before. Companies who put a robust wellbeing strategy in place will help to assure a more resilient, happy and healthy workforce. The results of that are increased productivity, and cost reductions linked to lower absenteeism and attrition.

A recent Harvard Business Review published an analysis of various studies. This showed that when you and your employees are happy and satisfied, there is some 31% greater productivity.  However unhappy workers are 10% less productive. Resilient workers are happier.

At The Change Maker Group, we are very aware that change and resilience go hand in hand. Companies and groups request a boost in resilience to help manage the amount of change over the past 2 years.

As a part of our Change Maker and Change Leader Programmes, we include a component that links the individual employees preferred communication style to crafting bespoke resilience strategies. In addition we have a Resilience for Change programme based on the particular business impact you can make.

4 ways to plan your future workspaces:

  1. Re-imagine – one way to future-proof your office is to make sure all your employees are ‘change-ready’. The Change Maker Group leaves a legacy for the constant wheel of change to roll as smoothly as possible. All opportunities can be given the greatest chance to thrive!
  2. Remember – compare the pros and cons of the ‘old way’ of working with what you have had to do over the past 2 years, now the ‘new normal’. Using that awareness consider what would make best sense for the ‘new different’ and ‘new better’.
  3. Redefine – if you took all the components of your company and twisted the kaleidoscope view. How would it look to work from collaboration, from a flat organisation and from ad hoc groups as necessary?
  4. Rebuild – now you are ready to go into action. With all the new options, the new possibilities, the fresh employee potentials, and newly enhanced relationships, craft yourself a future welcoming company.

Are YOU planning to offer more hybrid and flexible work roles?

From 'Government Executive' Companies planning hybrid work

From ‘Government Executive’ Companies planning hybrid and flexible work


Change Maker, Vanda

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