Leading Resilient Organisations

Interactive webinar held on 18 March 2021

Tackling one of the biggest challenges in business right now

How is your organisation coping right now? How engaged are your teams? Do the individuals in your workforce feel fully supported as they navigate these uncharted waters?

How can you, as a leader, proactively change the culture of your organisation to respond in more agile, flexible ways?

We held a webinar looking at all of these issues and providing some key insights what is happening in organisations around the world, and what you can do about it. We’ll help leaders think about how to develop resilient organisations.

What's It All About?

  • Looking after yourself – a guide to personal resilience
  • Leading resilient teams – how to boost the performance of your teams, wherever they are located
  • Assess the resilience of your organisation – establish the culture you want

There will be contributions from Dr John Mervyn Smith who will talk about constructing resilient teams, and Vanda North will share practical personal resilience techniques from her international best-selling book Mind Chi.

Your webinar leaders – Judith Germain and Simon Phillips

Judith Germain is the leading authority on Maverick Leadership and is an expert in leadership development.

She says “We are now operating in complex, shifting times and how resilient organisations and their people are, will determine whether the organisation will remain successful. Now is the time to focus on resilience to ensure that you have the right capability to make and implement the challenges you are facing”

Simon Phillips is the Founder of The Change Maker Group and an expert in organisational development.

He says “These are unprecedented times and Covid is just one part of the perfect storm. The organisations that will emerge successfully will be those that focus on resilience now. It is time for cool heads and warm hearts!”

About The Change Maker Group

The Change Maker Group is a commercial, but ultimately not-for-profit, change consultancy. We use our extensive knowledge, skills, and experience in delivering organisational change, whilst collaborating with you to achieve our unifying Purpose; to develop Change Makers everywhere, so they can change their world.

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What Leaders are saying about their role in resilience…