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Resilience for Change

Change can be associated with stress, well-being and performance and problems with these can derail the best of plans.

We maximise the resilience productivity and potential of everyone in your organisation – to the highest sustainable level. A healthy workforce, physically and mentally, with good support systems can be achieved through improving resilience. When people feel more in control of their own reactions you gain the best working relationships with increased empathy and consideration for others.

We have a range of ideas and solutions to help you and your organisation become more resilient.

The Change Maker Profile

The Change Maker Profile is the organometric which shows the tangible business outcomes of an individual or team’s proclivity to make an impact on change.

Using The Change Maker Profile supports understanding of what makes a game-changing team, helping define and assign roles, build teams and organisational designs, create leadership development plans, design communications and engagement approaches and implement specific change interventions.

Get in touch to discuss how using The Change Maker Profile can transform the resilience of your teams, enabling people to maximise their contributions by performing to their strengths and natural inclinations.

Strategic Change Boards

We have set up Strategic Change Boards to support leaders of changing organisations.

Based on the principles of Napoleon Hill’s Mastermind thinking, we bring Senior Executives and Board members together to share ideas, consider challenges and explore opportunities. ​They are a fantastic way of developing your personal resilience, and that of your organisation, tapping into Board Members ideas and solutions and sharing yours.

Attendees really appreciate the safe space for support and challenge with others.

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