Here at The Change Maker Group we are always looking to support clients with new ways of working.  Recently, we have been running a poll over social media.  We want to find out which business issues are relevant for organisations, right now.

The poll is still open, so if you would like to take part, please click here

We offered a wide range of issues in the poll. Actually, we took all of them from clients’ recent wish-lists of changes they want for their organisations.

The survey choices were:

  • “Hybrid” workplace (remote/office blend)
  • Flexible working (better use of office space and time spent travelling)
  • Moving towards an agile leadership mindset
  • Moving towards an agile mindset throughout the organisation
  • Widening diversity of thought in the organisation
  • More use of AI and new technologies
  • Focusing on staff wellbeing
  • Focusing on a more sustainable supply chain

The findings so far are interesting …

It is clear that physical ways of working are occupying leaders’ thoughts.  In fact, this was the highest-scoring section.  34% of respondents are looking at  “hybrid” and/or flexible working.  This suggests the “going back to the office” mindset is changing.  That may mean working practices and policies are changing to follow suit.

That is likely to have knock-on effects on many areas, from workforce recruitment, to facilities management, to insurance. We are still probably only just scratching the surface of changes that the flexible-working shift could bring.  Whether it will bring those changes remains to be seen.

Are you more “agile”?

The next highest sector of anticipated new ways of working is “agile”.  This used to be the preserve of the project manager and process engineer.  Now, this is playing an important role in altering wider leadership approaches.  Organisations can change their whole culture by introducing “agile” as a leadership or team mindset approach.  The positive impact of doing this can be significant.  It will result in increased flexibility.  Agile encourages positive accountability.  In addition, it features shared understanding of common goals which leaders test with controlled risk-taking.  In other words, many of the leadership behaviours forced on organisations by the pandemic.

The 29% of respondents looking at this may have found it works for them as a happy accident and are keen to grow its use.  Or maybe they have looked at competitors using “agile” and want the improved results the competitors are getting.  Again, who knows the reason?  The Change Maker Group  supports clients to understand, embrace and deploy an agile leadership mindset.  This is a core tenet of our change leadership approach.

Staff wellbeing – a new concern?

Additionally, 20% respondents identified they would be prioritising staff wellbeing.  This is quite a low base.  Only a fifth of respondents are citing this as important for their attention right now.  That may tie in with trends, identified in research, that staff still find it hard to discuss wellbeing in work.  As leaders have had to consider wellbeing more than before, this may be surprising.  Alternatively, it may indicate that most respondents were already prioritising staff wellbeing.  That may mean this would not be a new way of working for them.

By contrast, the other issues do not feature to any significant degree … yet.  This may suggest that they are seen as “nice to have”.  Alternatively, the issues may not have featured in organisations’ thinking at the moment.

Whereas …

In contrast, the lowest-scoring issue is the most concerning.  Only 2% of respondents were looking at creating a sustainable supply chain.  That means a supply chain which is both resilient and seeking to minimise its climate impact.  At the time of writing, the Pacific North West of North America is experiencing unprecedented heatwaves.  Given this, it is worrying that sustainability and climate-change impact are not higher priorities.

Either way, everyone has a role to play in increasing the economic AND environmental sustainability of their organisation.  We are always happy to discuss how we operate our business model to minimise emissions.  In fact, this all comes as part of our support for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

So, if the results from the poll chime with what you are hearing in your organisation, please comment below.  We would love to hear your stories.

If, however, you feel the results miss the mark for your organisation, please do take the survey.  It’s quick and easy – here it is again: ).  Please help us learn what is going on for your organisation.  Or, maybe where you would like to go?

And, if you would like to discuss how we might be able to help you to get there, there’s always a Change Maker available to have a chat, so please book a free session here.

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