Recent research* has shown that 3 of the 5 critical practices that make digital transformation programmes realise better than expected outcomes are related to people engagement: talent investment, empowering people and embracing agility.

That is why we work alongside transformation project teams to engage the workforce and support leaders of change.

Talent Investment: Do you know what talent there is in the organisation that you might need to ensure the success of your digital transformation? You will probably have multi-dimensional talent throughout the teams that will be implementing your change. We have a unique profiling resource that specialises in identifying those that will have the energy and capability to make change sustainable.

Empowering People: Our unique DELTA people-centric change management process is compatible with, and complementary to, all project and programme management methodologies such as Prince2 and Managing Successful Programmes. It provides a framework to give focus to people engagement, helping all the stakeholders have a sense of involvement in the activity which is critical to sustainable change.

Embracing Agility: You may be using project-centred agile frameworks such as SCRUM or AgilePM, our people-centric methodology is congruent with these. Agile is as much a way of thinking and behaving as it is an approach. We help put people at the heart of any transformation so we work with the digital transformation partner to develop internal agile capability. That means giving your organisation the skills and ability to rapidly change or adapt in response to change.

By partnering with your digital transformation teams we can create organisations that have the right mind-sets, motivations and skills, we will help them to ensure the change is sustainable. This is our legacy.

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* McKinsey Quarterly Oct 2019: Digital transformation: Improving the odds of success