The Change Maker Programme

Everyone in your organisation can be
an effective Change Maker

What are Change Makers, and why do I need them?

A Change Maker contributes to making change happen and has the skills and mindset to make a positive impact in their role.

Change Makers are needed now more than ever before – to equip your organisation to create the culture of change, to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the ever-changing business environment and to survive and thrive on change in its many guises.


So, are you and your organisation ‘Change Ready’?

Are you:

  • experienced and equipped with the right skills to achieve the changes you seek?
  • able to innovate and introduce new and sustainable ways of working?
  • developing resources, knowledge, skills, and building competencies and tools to help you succeed in any situation?
  • identifying and fixing the endless problems that can cause feelings of frustration and stress?
  • navigating your organisation to smooth waters as waves of change attempt to steer you off course?

Want to experience The Change Maker Journey?

The Change Maker Programme is a ground-breaking approach to supercharge your organisation with the ability to make lasting change happen. It will equip your people with the capability and confidence to succeed with the challenges you are facing.

The Change Maker Group provides a way to sidestep the change pitfalls most organisations face. This will make you self-sufficient and future proof your organisation as it faces uncertainties.

Every employee has the potential to contribute value to the change making process. The Change Maker Programme draws out their hidden potential enabling you to harness this valuable source of energy and knowledge and focus it on your strategic priorities.


The next steps to be ‘Change Ready’…

For You

For Your Organisation

  • After a group assessment, we create a measurable, bespoke Change Maker plan with you, for your teams
  • The Change Maker Group assists YOU to provide a lasting change culture for your organisation’s future success
  • We provide a tailored programme to address your needs
  • We will work closely with you and support you as you analyse, mobilise, measure and actualise your change culture

What makes The Change Maker Programme different?

  • The GC Impact Profile – discover how everyone in your organisation IS a Change Maker, their strengths, and the crucial role they can play
  • DELTA – helps leaders deliver effective and deliverable outcomes
  • Change Culture continuum – know exactly where you are on the Change continuum and measure progress and results
  • Change Pods – action learning sets that create real time impact in your organisation
  • Resilience for Change Programme – build individual resilience to provide a coping strategy for any situation
  • Receive 12-month micro-learning support – to sustain and deepen your understanding of change themes
  • Enjoy an e-copy of The Change Maker Group’s #1 best seller, ‘Change Wisdom’ and
  • Coaching – support your change journey with experienced coaches in change management

What our clients are saying

“I feel the Change Maker programme has equipped me with strategies and techniques to utilise, and has given me an insight into the person I am, the strengths I have to facilitate change, and the influence I can have.”

Programme Manager
District Council

“This course is very practical and should be expanded to other employees. It provides techniques that can be helpful. It also allows us to get a sense that there are ways to deal with constant change, stress and build resilience.”

Manager of an Electrical Company

And finally, this is how you’ll know your organisation is ‘Change Ready’…

  • Everyone contributing to a positive future
  • Clarity of vision, shared values, agility, and hope
  • Agile and responsive reaction to every situation
  • Manage time to reflect, plan, and act
  • Created a legacy of change ready Change Makers, and
  • Resilient at all times – you are ready for anything!

Start thriving