Coaching for transformational change

Helping you and your organisation Survive and Thrive in a World of Change

You have to be the best you can be in order for your organisation to thrive in these turbulent times

Executive Coaching can help you and your leadership team to:

  • Have an agile response to be ahead of change
  • Focus on organisational challenges and successful strategies
  • Understand your impact and recognise where others can deliver to complement your skills
  • Mobilise and engage your teams to deliver
  • Stakeholder engagement to understand how your market is changing too
  • Support an individual to meet challenges
  • Build personal resilience

What makes The Change Maker Group’s coaching approach so effective?

The quality of The Change Maker Group’s team of coaches is in their combination of professional qualification with years of change management experience in a wide range of organisations, sectors and challenging situations. They all have personal experience in senior leadership roles dealing with periods of intense pressure, with complex situations and with highly challenging individual and stakeholder dynamics.

We have a strong team to match you with – you choose the coach you feel that would support you most and the type of coaching shown below that will benefit your organisation.


For You as Leader

At The Change Maker Group we recognise leadership and steering the ship is not easy. We have a team of highly experienced executive and team coaches available to support you on your change journey. The Executive Coach will guide you to help you achieve your aims for you and your organisation, expand your thinking and uncover your own potential.

For Your Team

A Leadership Team, especially one driving change, can often struggle because it doesn’t always function as a Team. Leaders may struggle to move from an individual focus working on their own part of the business to working together on broader issues. They might come together for a senior leadership or strategy meetings but are they really functioning as a collaborative team?

Team coaching requires a lot of experience. A Change Maker Group Team Coach is uniquely placed to help and support where individual and team responsibilities merge or sometimes pull in different directions. It can foster a renewed sense of collaboration and co-operation and generate better outcomes and quicker results.


Smart Mirror Coaching

Smart Mirror Coaching is a game-changing coaching proposition – an experienced coach available whenever you or your team need them who can help you think through a knotty problem, in the moment, without the need to sign up for regular sessions.

This is what we call Smart Mirror Coaching. We provide you with access to an experienced Change Maker, a professional coach who can help you or your team deal with a change issue at the time that suits you.

Meet some of our coaches:

Start thriving