We deliver results that matter

Consulting services that enable you to achieve your goals

Consulting services that enable you to achieve your goals

Choosing a consultant partner can be a challenge. There are so many, who to trust? Let us help you decide if we are the partner for you.

First and foremost we deliver value, take a look at our testimonials. As a Change Consultancy our consulting support is the bedrock upon which we build your sustainable change. There are a few things that are different about us that you need to know.

We exist to help you develop your own Change Makers by unlocking their hidden change-making potential, enabling your people to be the best they possibly can be. Whether they lead change, deliver change, or participate and engage with change, everyone can make a massive contribution. Through our range of services, we enable this to happen.

We build capacity and enable you to make change happen. We are committed to sustainable and ethical practices in everything we do.

Our legacy is empowered, capable and resilient Change Makers who can make change happen now and into the future without the need for long term external support.


Game Changing Consultancy

We believe every person and every team can tap the latent skills for change that exists in us all.

For your organisation we will provide:

  • Outcomes focused on your Vision and strategic objectives
  • A people-focused approach to delivering change, using our proven DELTΔ change management framework
  • A holistic style, with multi-layered support to help achieve your complex change
  • A change capability in your organisation, with a legacy of enabling people to maximise their impact and contribution in the future
  • Tangible benefits at the heart of all our work
  • Seamless integration of all our services
  • Scalable and flexible support so that change your organisation needs, is delivered how you need it to be

For you we will provide:

  • A collaborative highly skilled consultancy team that you can trust
  • Consulting support when you need it
  • Support to you and your colleagues so they can achieve and succeed
  • A broad range of specialisms, delivered by very experienced professionals
  • An easy to deal with partnership approach

Consulting provided by our people, for your people

Our consulting team have backgrounds and experience that spans a wide range of specialisms, geographies and industry sectors. We have the diversity of talent to shape a team that can work for you. Our experience covers:

  • Strategic change expertise with up-to-date insights
  • Organisational design and development skills
  • Leadership and personal development
  • Human resources support including, breakthrough coaching, communications, engagement, personal resilience and much more

Also, we are easy to work with, so please put us to the test and give us a call, or drop us an email, and we can start to shape a solution that works for you.


What our clients are saying

“The Diversity Impact Programme helped us develop a robust understanding of the effects of a diverse organisation. Highlighting that a diverse workforce leads to diversity of thought this will inevitably create a healthier team, more effective performance at work and an enriched culture throughout the organisation.

It also challenged us to consider practical steps to take to recruit people and manage talent in the organisation, by recognising unconscious bias or affinity bias, and ensuring that we are open to all people at Regenerate and can work towards achieving a culture of equity and inclusivity”

Andy Smith

“Working with the Change Maker Group has given the Board and senior leaders a range of insights that we couldn’t imagine. We have immediately used the learning from personal profiles to think about the way we operate as individuals and as a Board, and challenge ourselves as to how we work better together to develop our business to the next level.

Some amazing insights, so much so we are thinking about how we might use The Change Maker Profile with the whole company”

Gillian Johnson
Director of SkinViva

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