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Let us guide you to become your own resource to deal with unforeseen circumstances and inspire others to do the same

Personal and Organisational Resilience

What would be different if all your workforce and your organisation were resilient? Before 2020 the focus was more on managing stress, coping with issues. Now, and going forward, we need to commit to being resilient, dealing practically with issues, coming back stronger from challenges and setbacks.

A healthy workforce, physically and mentally, with good support systems can be achieved through improving resilience. When people feel more in control of their own reactions you gain the best working relationships with increased empathy and consideration for others.

Your reputation as an organisation is enhanced as you become known as an organisation that people want to work in because they feel considered, enabled and excited to do their best work.


Situational, Personal and Team Resilience Bespoke for YOU

Resilience is a skill that can be cultivated and mastered.

A powerful programme tailored to YOUR needs based upon the following

Mind Chi

Shows you how to build, manage, and direct your mental energy in just 8-minutes a day with “Mind Chi”, helping you to become more resilient and increase your success in life

Clarity 4D

Offers an easy language to understand your current behaviours and what you may wish to develop, minimise or discard in order to target your communication more effectively.

Colour Me Resilient

Enhances individual, team and  situational resilience by crafting bespoke resilience strategies to increase understanding and support

Change Maker Profile

Explains the stress triggers that your ‘Change Maker Profile’ may present you, and how to harness them to flourish


What does a resilient organisation look like?

YOU as a leader feel in control, focussed and inspirational, day in day out. Your organisation will develop the culture where:

  • Creative ideas flow
  • Clarity of vision and goals are maintained
  • Responsibility for success is shared with an engaged, agile workforce
  • Everyone has a mindset that they are a “Change Maker”
  • People are healthy, happy and confident with planned or unplanned change

And as a result:

For your organisation

  • Productivity is heightened as people become more effective
  • Interactions and teamwork are enhanced and enriched
  • Increased engagement and motivation
  • Commitment to collective goals improved
  • Reduction in sickness, absenteeism, presenteeism, stress, burnout and staff turnover
  • Enhanced reputation as a good place to work


  • You will feel more able to deal with challenges and be resilient through any change situation
  • You will improve your creative thinking and decision making
  • You will bounce back from inevitable setbacks
  • Your self-confidence will improve leading to your true potential being achieved
  • You feel valued and supported, encouraging motivation and time on task
  • Your ‘can do’ and ‘will do’ behaviours are augmented, increasing your job satisfaction

What our clients are saying

“Resilience for Change and Mind Chi have really helped me gain some control of my life. By practicing Mind Chi everyday I’ve been able to develop a workable structure and routine which allows me to realise how positive my life is and highlight areas I wish to improve upon. Mind Chi has improved my performance at work, allowed me to develop better relationships and be more productive but most importantly it allowed me to improve my perception of how good my life really is. Basically, I feel Mind Chi draws on all the best parts of other Self Development strategies but pulls them into one easily understandable and workable format. I’d recommend anyone to give it a try.”

Independent Consultant

“I would encourage all members of my team, and all my friends to go on this Resilience for Change Programme.

I was at a feeling low when I first started the course, having just returned from a two-week period of being off sick, due to work stresses. The course was extremely timely for me, I feel much better than I did, and I am positive that I have benefitted greatly. I would even go as far as to say that this should be a standard/mandatory course for all employees to go on and should certainly be offered on Training Central.”

Global financial company

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