Unlock the change-making potential of your team

Everyone can be a Change Maker

The GC Impact Profile™

The GC Impact Profile is a game-changing tool that helps people maximise their contribution. It goes way beyond personality, providing a basis for developing leaders, drawing together balanced and impactful teams, recruitment insights, diversity improvement and so much more. It is a 21st Century tool that helps you solve real business problems.


Change Making transformation

For your organisation

  • Underpins a successful programme of change
  • Identifies how each individual can make an impact in your organisation
  • Drives measurable business outcomes
  • Creates a framework for building effective teams to support change and your business
  • Ensures sustainable progress by measuring the success of your change culture
  • Reduces the risk of failed hire
  • Drives success by removing unconscious bias and creating teams based on diversity of strengths

For individuals

  • Highlights how individuals can play to their natural strengths to maximise their contribution to change
  • Increases self-understanding
  • Boosts willingness to make change happen
  • Clarifies what value they being to change and recognise what value others bring
  • Supports their personal development and performance
  • Develops understanding of colleagues

A Unique Business Improvement Tool

The GC Impact Profile enables a diverse approach to change projects where a range of strengths and skills are required to achieve desired business objectives. Using The GC Impact Profile helps identify the impact and contribution of every person in the team, enabling leaders to make the most of people’s change-making skills and helping to drive impactful change across the organisation.

Identifying 5 powerful types of impact

Very often, a person’s job role is a poor reflection of either the contribution they make or the impact they could have, especially when it comes to making change happen. The GC Impact Profile enables you and your team members to identify where and when you can be most potent. Each plays a significant and unique role throughout the process of change – a gap in the team make-up can result in poor delivery, a cohesive team can result in strong and sustainable change. Take a quick look at the five roles below to see the difference each plays and how they combine to deliver excellence.

These individuals see the future. They engage others with a clear direction that brings focus to action

These individuals focus on getting the best form others, individually and collectively, in support of agreed objectives

These are the individuals who Generate the ideas and possibilities that have the potential to be transformational

These are the individuals who get things done. As leaders they shape strategic plans and deliver tangible outcomes

These individuals create a future to be proud of. They focus on making things better, continual improvement, and the pursuit of excellence


What our clients are saying

“The Change Maker Group’s process gave us insight into the overall balance of skills within the team and where our strengths and weaknesses are. Also, where we need to supplement the skills from outside of the Senior Leadership Team and from within the organisation and beyond if necessary.
As a result of the insight I will be more conscious of my own balance of skills and also that of the team when considering future plans and how they are implemented.

The Change Maker Group would help other Local Authority Teams to learn about themselves and provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their collective skills”

Theresa Grant
Chief Executive of Northamptonshire County Council

“Working with the Change Maker Group has given the Board and senior leaders a range of insights that we couldn’t imagine. We have immediately used the learning from personal profiles to think about the way we operate as individuals and as a Board, and challenge ourselves as to how we work better together to develop our business to the next level.

Some amazing insights, so much so we are thinking about how we might use The GC Impact Profile with the whole company”

Gillian Johnson
Director of SkinViva

Dr John Mervyn-Smith
Chief Psychologist at The GC Index

Unrivalled insight into individuals and teams

The GC Impact Profile is a personalised 28-page report that highlights the unique impact and contribution individuals make to change. The Team Profile will help leaders identify the change-making aptitude of their team and what needs to be in place for this team to operate effectively.

The power is in the precision. There are 100,000 different combinations, which allows for the diversity of human impact.

Each highly tailored report includes:

  • A Personal GC Impact Profile
  • An explanation of what this profile means
  • Focus on individual strengths
  • An understanding of multi-dimensional Change Maker roles
  • Guidance on how to maximise individual contribution to a change team

The GC Impact Profile is a revolutionary framework and language that delivers a foundation for impactful collaboration across all levels of an organisation. Experience the business power of the GC Impact Profile.

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