Vanda North reflects on how perceived desires and actual outcomes become aligned supported by the pandemic.

Wheel back a year… what were the comments often heard?

‘Oh, I wish I had more time with my family, when I do get home, I am too tired to play with them or to enjoy them.’

‘Gosh it is such a fab day, and I am stuck in doors – bah!’

‘When on earth am I supposed to get all my household and personal chores done?’

‘I waste about 2-hours every day with the commute to work, and the expense, and the inconsistency of the transport means I am never sure when I will actually arrive.’

‘They count the noses in and out – and my mind is elsewhere!!’

‘I am stuck in an office with some really awful people.’

‘They would never consider flexible working.’

‘I hate that I cannot pick up my children from school.’

And on and on and on…

And now…

Just for a moment remove the thoughts of Covid-19 and look at the issues above.

In a few years when we look back at this time, I expect you will remember fondly that you actually created wonderful memories with your children. Research is showing that families are getting on very well and growing to love, respect and appreciate each other more.

How about the flexibility to throw the wash into the machine between meetings – and if you are fortunate enough, to hang it on the line!!!

Or to pop outside and read that report in the sun?

And saved time? What are you doing with all that saved commuting time, to work, to meetings, to appointments? Hours of your life returned to you!

If, suddenly, you had to return to exactly how your life was – would you really want to?

And when things start to open up, it won’t be the same, because many considerations will still be necessary.

So now, take the time to think carefully about what parts may be necessary and what parts might be ‘released with joy’?

This is a golden opportunity, one seldom afforded, we have come to a stop – nearly all things are different, a fresh look, a new opportunity, a chance to take blank paper and draw a new reality.

Will you grab it?

Will you be a Change Maker in your own life, with your family, at your work and in your community?

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